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Let me introduce you to our new program, SHIFT SUPPORT!

Did you know those who take Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro or other semaglutides lose 40% lean mass on average? Or that you are expected to regain the weight if you stop taking the injections?*

By adding ShiftSetGo to your medication routine you’ll get the results you

desire so that you maintain your lean mass & your new weight for life! We offer two ways to support your GLP-1’s journey.

Benefits of adding ShiftSetGo to your GLP-1’s:

  •  ShiftSetGo App                                            

  •  Professional Body Comp & Lean Mass Monitoring

  • Discounts on Protein Replacements                             

  • Meal Planning & Support                             

  • One-on-one coaching


Option 1: Weekly


Option 2: Monthly

Body Composition Analysis, Review & Progress Report 

1 x WEEK 

1 x MONTH 

Meeting with a Certified Weight Loss Coach

1 x WEEK 

1 x MONTH 

Meal Plan Ideas



Access to ShiftSetGo App & Support Group 



Weekly ShiftSetGo Protein Meals 


10% Discount

Weekly ShiftSetGo Nutritional Supplements 


10% Discount

Following the ShiftSetGo Protocol helps you

  • Lose weight quicker & safely

  • Maintain Lean Mass

  • Weekly Coaching

  • Learn to keep the weight off

  • Easy to follow

  • Meal ideas/recipes

  • Progress reports

  • Vital Supplements

  • Access to private FB support group

  • Special Red Light Therapy pricing!! in-study-almost-half-of-obes-teens-were-no-longer- so-after-taking-wegovy-ozempic

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