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Carbon Peel AKA "HollyWood Peel"

Today’s beauty trends have shifted away from heavy makeup as more beauty influencers are choosing a “bare skin” look to be truer to themselves. With this trend, however, is a stronger interest in having a clear and smooth complexion.

Topical skincare can maintain hydrated and fresh healthy skin, however, to take care of common imperfections like acne and discoloration there are more intense procedures that can truly improve and rejuvenate your skin.

The Carbon Laser Peel is one of the most common treatments to improve cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastin, reduce pore size, minimize scarring and pigmentation, even skin tone, control active acne, remove PIHP (Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation of Acne) and more.

What is it?

How Does It Work?

Carbon Peel Laser breaks down unwanted melanin production that causes the skin to appear uneven.

The laser treatment also reaches the dermis layer of the skin and causes collagen stimulation, which helps improve skin laxity and tightens open pores.

Natural Beauty

Is It Suitable For Me?

Our Carbon Peel Laser is a fast & comfortable way to refresh your skin with no downtime and suitable for most skin types.

The results achieved after one session are brighter skin tone, reduction of pigments and reduction of fine lines.

The Carbon Laser Peel Procedure

The Carbon Laser Peel is equivalent to four strong chemical peels.


Does Carbon Laser Peel hurt? Although there is a slight tingling during the procedure and warmth on the skin, these side effects are normal and will go away within 24 hours. Most patients do not report pain, but mild discomfort, like the sensation of a sunburn.

The Carbon Laser Peel is a gentle procedure that works well on most skin types. During your treatment, a technician will coat your skin with a layer of a carbon solution and then use a gentle laser to heat the area so that the carbon can seep deep into the skin.

Laser carbon peels require no recovery time. It involves a multi-part process that usually takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

Clients are usually expected to undergo 3-5 treatments over a duration of 2-3 months with a booster carbon laser facial treatment every six months.

For treating active acne, treatments are 2 weeks apart.

Treatment Details

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