Laser Treatments


Our Certified Laser Technician uses diode laser hair removal equipped that has the latest technology. 3 wavelengths, used for whole body treatments.

This laser is safe and effective on all skin types.

This technology uses TEC cooling system which makes the treatment always comfortable.

After permanent hair reduction, you can be ready to go without thinking about unwanted hair. 

Typically 5  treatments  are  recommended  for  full reduction, some may need more.  

Small area: $75 or $355 for 5 treatment package

Chin, upper lip, fingers, toes or jawline

Medium area: $95 or $455 for 5 treatment package

Under arms, bikini, neck feet & hands

Large area: $115 or $555 for 5 treatment package

Brazilian, lower leg, upper leg, upper chest, upper back, arms

Extended area: $245 or $1200 for 5 treatment package

Upper & lower leg, full chest, full stomach, full back

How often are the treatments?

Face = 28 days apart

Beard = 21 days apart

Arm = 28 days apart

Chest = 21 days apart

Leg = 21 days apart

Armpit = 21 days apart

Bikini/Brazalian = 21 days apart