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Shift Set Go along with GLP Injections

Taking the GLP weight loss injections alone won't achieve a few very important things:

  1. Keeping your muscle mass intact:

The injections alone can cause the loss of muscle mass, then you add on a calorie deficit, which will you will most likely lose muscle mass if you're not eating the appropriate, good source of protein.

Think of it this way, your muscles are the engine that burns calories. If you lose muscle mass as you lose the weight, you now have less muscle mass to burn the extra calories you will take in once you hit your goal. Which then means you will most likely gain weight back because you have less muscles to burn a higher calorie intake!

2. Learn about food and healthy recipes as you lose the weight:

Let's be honest, we aren't taught to read labels, what foods actually fuel our bodies and what foods cause inflamation, cravings, etc

These are just a few things you will learn with the program!

3. Get an incredible food source:

Shift Set Go foods are highly absorable, they each have the BCAA (branch chain amino acids) in them to help keep your muscle mass. Our scale measures key factors, one being your muscle mass!

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