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My Journey with Ideal Protein Part 2

In my last blog post I talked about the moments in my life that lead me to Ideal Protein. I know that Ideal Protein is the right thing for me, but like any life style change, there were steps I had to take, and obstacles I had to overcome.

The most notable challenge of course was right in the beginning. My weigh-ins were at 7:15 in the morning and were an hour and a half away, and I had to get back to work afterwards. I think that kind of commitment would be a deterrent for most people, and I thought it would be for me too, but every week I was learning something new. I learned how food affected my body and how to properly read food labels. I felt like I wasn’t just losing weight, but gaining control over my life and my choices in a way I never had before.

Then there was the support system, my weight loss coach and a few friends who were either already on the protocol or had joined with me were the cornerstone of my early success. They were exactly what I needed. There was nothing like celebrating after a weigh-in, clapping and dancing and cheering with people who really knew what I was going through.

Starting Ideal Protein was definitely an emotional time in my life, complete with both highs and lows. The frustration of not being able to eat whatever I want never really went away. The cravings got better, but it was still difficult to watch others eat things I wanted, knowing that indulging myself wasn’t the right thing for me or my health.

Then there were times where I was angry with my family and friends for not being supportive enough. They criticized what I was eating, or claimed that I “wasn’t eating food.” It was especially frustrating because the truth was the only food I wasn’t eating were the things that I knew were bad. I would have a plate of turkey and veggies at Thanksgiving and still be criticized for not piling on the stuffing. There were a lot of negative people in my life calling Ideal Protein a fad diet, telling me I would gain all the weight back when I started eating “real food.” I couldn’t understand what they meant, because on the Ideal Protein protocol, all I was eating was “real food.” They were the ones eating the fake and processed foods.

This diet isn’t about restricting or starving, its about regaining control of your health. I was starting to realize how my weight was affecting all aspects of my life, and that’s what gave me the strength to deal with negative people. It literally got easier to get off the couch. My feet and knees didn’t ache, I didn’t have to make such frequent trips to the chiropractor, and I stopped getting headaches.

My relationship with food, which had always been so complicated, started to change. Food, REAL FOOD, tasted good. I looked forward to trying new recipes, and branching out with ingredients I’d never heard of.

The final step toward my health was leaving a stressful and unfulfilling job. I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do, what I was passionate about, and I kept coming back to the same thing. I wanted to share how good I felt with other people, and that’s when I realized that what I needed to do was open an Ideal Protein center in Duluth.

I’ve been through it all, I know the feelings, the hurdles, and how to navigate the hard times. I know how to cheer you through the good, and be your crutch through the bad. Every step I’ve taken in this journey has lead me to helping other people. There is nothing I love more than hearing a new client tell me how good they feel and seeing the difference Ideal Protein has made in their lives. That’s why I do what I do.

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