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Mindfulness May week 3

'It’s about allowing feelings to exist without letting them drive your actions or responses'

What does this mean and look like in your world? Have you ever been in a situation when you are really mad or upset over something? Or stressed out from work? Or wondering how to ‘do it all’?

These are ‘feelings’ that you are now becoming aware of, identifying them and how they make you feel.

In the past, maybe you’ve turned to food to comfort you, or if you’re like many, you are eating without even being hungry. Just mindless eating. Eating without even realizing you just downed a few cookies or chips that you don’t remember why or even doing so!

You wonder around the kitchen looking for something to eat. You start to crave sugary items, not understanding why!

This is what happens when you react to these feelings. Let’s face it, we will always have some stress and these other feelings, we now have to find a much healthier habit to do instead of turning to food!

Some of the best advisors will tell you to confront these feelings and deal with them. For example:

1. Write and release: write down how this person or situation makes you feel and then burn it!

2. Talk: talking to someone you trust or confront that person. Some don’t even realize they are making others feel a certain way. Communication is key!

3. Start a journal! This is a sacred place to express your feelings in a healthy way and helps you identify how these feeling can or have contributed to your mental and physical health!

4. Start a puzzle - this will take your mind off of your emotion and will give you something to do with your hands instead of eating!

Our mind and bodies are amazing at moving in a positive direction when you implement healthier habits! Start practicing healthy emotional habits!

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