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Your first consultation with Ideally You is always free. 


During your journey with Ideally You, you meet with a Weight Loss Coach weekly.


For clients who can't make it in for their consultation or coaching, Ideally You provides virtual coaching


At Ideally You we understand your current health needs are personal, so we offer a complimentary consultation with our Certified Weight Loss Coach. Together, you will discuss your health and wellness goals. Our weight loss coach will walk you through how this protocol works and after a review of your health profile, she will suggest a plan that would be appropriate for you. This complimentary consultation will also include pricing, meal details and cover expectations. This is a no-obligation, free consultation to learn if our program is a good fit for your health journey.


Once you begin the ShiftSetGo Protocol at Ideally You, you will start your weekly coaching consultations with Cindi, our certified weight loss coach. During these weekly meetings you will:

  • Discuss any challenges

  • Talk about upcoming events

  • How to eat at restaurant

  • Cooking healthy meals

  • Go over your food journal

  • Get weighed and measured


Even after reaching your goals you continue to follow-up with your coach to help maintain your ideal you. 


In addition to face to face meetings, we also offer virtual weight loss coaching for our dieters who aren’t in the area. We provide virtual weight loss coaching to anywhere in the US.

You get the same quality of coaching as a client who comes into the center, the only difference

is that your weekly appointments will be via facetime, skype or phone!

Here’s how it works:

  • Initial Consultation is Complimentary via phone

  • We ship your Consultation folder and scale to you and set up a time to walk through the

  • protocol.

  • First few days on the protocol, we are in touch to make sure you understand the program and get the proper support.

  • We schedule your weekly appointment and food list for the following week.

  • Each weekly appointment is our time to discuss any challenges, talk about upcoming events, go over your food journal, questions and track your weight loss successes!

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Weight Loss Coaching
Virtual Coaching
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