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Winter Skincare: How To Fight Dry Winter Skin

For all the magic and sparkle of the season, winter also brings with it some less glamorous side effects for our skin. The drop in humidity, prolonged exposure to indoor heat, and freezing outdoor temperatures all combine to make this the season that’s hardest on our skin. Think parched, itchy, flaky, dry skin that settles in for the long haul. And, while our instincts are to just double-down on heavy-duty formulas and oils, there’s actually much more to winter skincare than that. Reassessing our routines, switching up our solutions, and changing our habits can go a long way to keeping skin soothed and complexions comfortable this frosty season. 

Prep your skin with these winter skincare pro tips...
Drying Agents
Although it’s always tempting to crank up the water temperature in winter, hot showers and baths can be super drying. Try to dial down the heat so you’re less prone to damaging your skin. Avoid washing your face with the same temperature water as your shower - make sure to lower it to lukewarm/cold for your cleanse, so as not to cause redness or irritation. This applies all year round too, not just winter. 

And, while we all crave a long soak in the tub come the chilly season, make sure to boost the hydration potential, by adding a few drops of nourishing oils such as almond, avocado, or coconut. Relax and chill out your complexion with the skin-zen vibes of Anti-Stress CBD Drops - a soothing, reparative treatment for redness and stressed skin. If your skin is super dry or you’re prone to eczema, you might like to try adding oatmeal to a soak (yes, really). Oats are naturally colloidal, meaning they have excellent anti-inflammatory, rehydrating properties, making them a perfect addition to your winter skincare routine.

Bundling up on heavier clothing layers can cause less moisture from the air to reach your skin, teamed with gentle rubbing on the upper layers from the garments, causing dryness, and the potential for flakey skin. Dry skin-brushing, plus a weekly exfoliating body scrub, can help, followed by a rich soothing body cream or even simple coconut oil.  

Exfoliation Is Key
Opting for targeted serums such as Daily Hydration+ and can go a long way to supporting dry winter skin, but to boost their efficacy, regular gentle surface-buffing is needed. Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant and Daily Polishing Cleanser are the ideal winter skincare treatments, setting your skincare system up for success. And, for a more targeted boost once every few months, Retinol + C Smoothing Peel is a pro-level treatment to replenish, restore, and re-energize dull, tired skin. Improving skin’s receptiveness to subsequent products, whether targeted serums such as Bio-Renew EGF Drops or Anti-Stress CBD Drops, by exfoliating and buffing away the dead cells and surface impurities, your skin can draw in all the good stuff from these treatments, for a comforted, clearer complexion. 

Step Up Your Cleansing
Cleansing is one of the most important steps in all skincare routines, but often the one we pay the least attention to. For super dry or sensitive skin, you may wish to avoid full-face washing, and instead, opt for a gentler micellar water and soft face towel to remove skin impurities. For other skin types, switching from a gel to a cream or milk cleanser such as Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser is key, offering a softer, more nourishing approach to cleansing. While not all complexions crave a heavier texture - you may find that your skin feels great with additional serum boosts, many of us prefer a richer moisturizer come the winter months. Restorative Cream and Vita E Essential are the perfect switches to make, particularly if you err on the dry or sensitive side. You could also add in a mask treatment too such as Restorative Mask, once a week for additional support.

Hook Up The Humidifier
Dry, hot air from indoor heating can also cause dull, dehydrated skin. Forced air heating can be particularly drying and intense on skin. By increasing the moisture content in the air around you with a humidifier placed in the most used room in your house, you can help your skin’s barrier stay hydrated. It also keeps your indoor plants happy too. Try keeping a humidifier on during the night too as you sleep to avoid waking up with parched, dehydrated, tight skin. For regular hydration top-ups throughout the day try Phyto-Active Toning Mist and Barrier Balm.

Don’t Forget The SPF
We need sun protection all year round - even in cold or cloudy weather. While UV rays are less direct in winter they are still at a level that can be harmful and aging. The ideal is to go for a formulation you can add to your daily skincare routine with ease. For combination or oily complexions, Oil-Free SPF 40+ is formulated to avoid clogging pores, and it’s packed with antioxidants too. If you’re looking for more of a color-boost SPF hybrid, the Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ should be your go-to, while for drier skin needing a hydration hit, Daily Mineral Defense is a must.

Blue Light Defense
As we spend increasingly longer times in front of screens - be it laptops, computers, smartphones, or TVs, there’s even more potential for overexposure to the blue light emitted from these devices. Blue light can cause disruption to your skin’s balance, generating more free radicals, which cause oxidative damage within the skin. The antidote to this is antioxidants - which Daily Power C with its potent vitamin C-loaded formula has plenty of. Protecting and leveling-up your brightness at the same time vitamin C is a powerful shield against longer-term, aging damage caused by blue light transmission. What’s not to love?

Thirst Trap
Even though we feel up to 40% less thirsty in winter, it’s important to stay hydrated, even when cold water doesn’t feel appealing. Try starting the day with warm water with lemon, and if you really can’t make your regular 11 cups of water per day, add in zero-sugar flavored waters too. 

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