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The Vicious Cycle of Chronic Dieting

Last week we talked about setting goals for the New Year. As the first month of 2019 comes to a close, I know a lot of you are feeling the pressure.

Year after year I found myself in the same place. I had many of the same resolutions I’m sure you did - To eat healthy, fit into smaller sizes, the list goes on. January would start off great, I was full of motivation. But then… The results just weren’t there. I would get distracted, bored and off track. I felt like a failure, I got frustrated and depressed, which just led to eating even more unhealthy and sugary foods.

The dreams and hopes of the “new me” had vanished like January had never existed and the long winter was settling in. I found myself night after night in front of the TV in PJs with the first thing I could find to eat rather than taking the time to cook the right meals.

As the snow began to melt and spring trickled in, the pressure would be back on - Thoughts of long hot summers feeling uncomfortable in my clothes had me kicking myself for giving up on my resolutions so soon. So I would talk myself in to trying again, and the cycle would start all over.

Year after year it seemed to get worse and worse. I grew worn down and mentally scared from each perceived failure. It took a toll on my life, how I dressed, and my relationships. I stopped feeling like myself.

It wasn’t until October of 2015 that the cycle was finally broken. I found Ideal Protein. It was a drastic change, seemed very disciplined, and was the first medically based diet I’d ever tried. I was surprised when I went for my first consultation and I had to fill out a health profile. I was told it was scientifically proven to work and that it had been created by a doctor many years ago. It almost seemed too good to be true, but after years of every fad diet out there, this was something different, and I had nothing to lose.

So I started with Ideal Protein, feeling fully committed. I was surprised by how easy it came to me. Things began to happen quickly. I was shocked and thrilled by my first few weigh-ins, but I was still waiting for the end of that first month, where I knew I usually lost my motivation, and the numbers on the scale quit dropping. I waited and watched for the plateau, but it never came. I continued to see results at every weigh-in, and that kept up my drive. The success I was seeing helped me through difficult social situations and kept me from binging during special occasions. In 5 months, I had hit my weight goal, and that summer I wore a bathing suit on the beach with no cover up needed.

Years of ping-pong dieting had finally come to an end and I felt like myself again.

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