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Share the Love

As I mentioned last week, Valentines Day is fast approaching and Love is in the air. Last weeks post was all about loving yourself, but loving others is important too and just like loving yourself, there are many ways in which we show our love for others. There are obvious ones, like giving gifts and being affectionate - But there are less obvious ways we show love as well. We show our love in our concern for the day to day lives of our loved ones, and the way we share our lives with them.

When something makes a difference in our lives, or we find something we’re excited about, we share that with others as an expression of love. We want them to be as happy as we are. But there are some things we’re afraid to share… And they are often the things we do to take care of ourselves. While it’s easy to recommend a great new pair of shoes, or your favorite restaurant, recommending a weight loss coach or a therapist is taboo in today’s society, even though these are sometimes the things that could help people the most!

While self-care and wellness are becoming more popular, admitting to people that we need help sometimes is is still hard to do. Even when we’re trying to help others by doing so, there are just some things that are hard to recommend. I never would have heard about the Ideal Protein Protocol if a friend hadn’t shared it with me. When I look at my life and how Ideal Protein has changed it by giving me my health back, and giving me a career I can be proud of, I know that recommendation was an act of love. That’s why the promotions we are running this month involve referrals and gifts. We want you to share the love!

One of our favorite clients Patti has been sharing Ideally You with anyone she thinks it could help, here’s what she has to say about referring a friend:

“I feel that it has been the best diet plan I have tried and it worked. It is very easy and affordable. People I know have asked me how I lost weight, I tell them Ideally You it is the way to go to feel better. Then I give them the number to call and set up their appt.”

Brittany received LipoMelt as a gift and just wrapped up her 6th session, “I was given a 6 session LipoMelt treatment as a gift (after I had been saving to try it out on my own). I didn’t know what to expect but the results are amazing. I lost 7 total inches and could tell immediately in my waistline and hips. The treatment also had significant results on my cellulite. It was very relaxing as well. I will definitely do it again!”

If you have someone or something in your life that’s helping you - Whether it be a weight loss coach like me, a doctor that really listens to your concerns, or a therapist that just seems to get it, don’t let pressure from our “do-it-all-yourself” society keep you from sharing those things with others. You never know how much it could improve their lives.

Don’t forget Ideally You is offering some great specials for the month of February that you can share with other people! LipoMelt services are 50% off and make a great gift. We’re also running a Buddy Up referral promotion so you can share your Ideal Protein experience with your loved ones! Bring a friend in with you for the month of February and get our $199 starter pack and a free box of food for each of you.

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