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Mindfulness May - Week 2

“It’s about noticing thoughts as they arise both good and negative”This week is about being totally aware of what you hear others say, what words you speak and being aware of your emotions. This awareness is the first step if you are an emotional eater! Let’s think of a few examples and break it down:

What words are you saying to yourself? Whether they are just thoughts or you speak them out loud.

What messages are you saying to yourself. Are you saying things like, your fat, you’re no good at sticking with a diet, this is too hard, why me??


Know that these words are so powerful. What you tell yourself or say out loud to the universe is what will come true. I learned this trick a while ago and it really put things into perspective of my self talk. Grab a picture of yourself when you were around 4-5 years old. Now grab a piece of paper and write down those comments or thoughts that you currently tell yourself on that piece of paper. Now look at that picture and ask yourself, how is that 4-5 year old self look? Is he/she appear to be happy? Innocent? Hopeful? Of course at that age, we are all vibrant, full of hope & happy! NOW. . . look at those words you tell your current self. Would you ever, EVER, talk to your 4—5 year old self like that???!!! NO, you would never! So stop doing it now.

How about when you feel frustrated, stressed out, bored, sad or tired.

Being aware of what those emotions are is KEY to success! Why? Because you are now aware of an emotion that can be a trigger for you to eat. Being aware of what’s happening, give you the opportunity to deal with the emotion and not eat it. 2 tips: Self talk - by recognizing that an emotion is present and you’re wanting to eat, this is where a lot of self talk comes into play! Tell yourself - this too shall pass! This emotion isn’t worth eating over! I can deal/handle this emotion with out eating. I can get through this with healthier options. Diversion - go for a quick walk, take a bath, read a chapter in a book, paint your nails, clean out your purse, etc. You’ve got this!!!

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