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Mindfulness May - Week 1

You might be wondering, what is it, what does it mean and how can it play a part in my weight loss journey?  

Let me tell you, it plays huge role in your life and no matter what journey you're on, being mindful will help.  

What is it, in a nutshell: It's about being present It's about noticing thoughts as they arise both good and negative It's about allowing feelings to exist without letting them drive your actions or responses It's about taking action based on what you feel, rather than old habits or short term convenience

This week let's talk about being present and how this relates to your weight loss journey.  When you pay attention and you're present while eating will help you not to over eat and simply enjoy the nutrition the food is giving your body.  

When you sit down to eat your next meal, take a moment to actually be grateful for the meal.  Look at the colors of the food, the shapes and how it smells.  Pay attention to how it feels in your mouth. How does it taste?    Honestly, try this and see how different you feel and treat food!   Take the time to literally enjoy what you have taken the time to prepare!  

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