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Lipomelt sessions pushed me past a stubborn plateau

It’s taken me three weeks to write this testimonial—my low body image, remnant of the days past, held me hostage, preventing me from seeing and claiming the changes. Here I am, owning the change thanks to the loss of 50 pounds and Lipomelt. Half way through my weight loss, I engaged in Lipomelt. The claim was Lipomelt would soften my scar—a ten inch vertical C-section scar—and help shrink my arms, legs, hips and buttocks. Yeah right! But it did. After my sixth session, I reached behind me to grasp my hip and it was different—firmer than before. Also, my scar changed. I can’t remember the skin not puckering around the incision. Now, it lies flat. One day my partner caressed it, and, instead of feeling nauseous, I liked it. This part of my body came back to me. I’ve just returned from a beach vacation with my sister who convinced me to share my story. “Your scar is markedly less,” she said repeatedly. “Your tummy is flatter (not a word I would ever use to describe my abdomen).” Finally, the timing of the Lipomelt sessions pushed me past a stubborn plateau. I am grateful for the opportunity. Say “Yes!” to Lipomelt.

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idealli you is literally the BEST weight loss community anywhere. I read it everyday, and i am so grateful i found , it helped my wife not only loose weight but keep it off, hope it help others!

My Wife did lipomelt sessions and stayed fit thanks to this.

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