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Let's get real about Resolutions!

Ok, let’s get real. How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution and stuck to it?

It’s a known fact that most New Year’s resolutions, while well-intended, don’t get off the ground, at least not for long. The failure rate is said to be about 80%. And according to Elise Auxier, a certified professional coach in Tampa, the majority of people that make January goals lose their resolve by mid-February.

Here are 3 possible reasons why:

1. Your resolution might not have the right motivation attached to it.

2. All or nothing mentality.

3. Resolution becomes overwhelming

Did you also know that delaying your goals can make them even harder to obtain. “You only cheat yourself of time. In general, the best time to attempt better health behavior change is right now!” said Keith Humphrey’s, a psychiatrist at Stanford Health Care.

Let’s break these down to a manageable resolution, shall we?

1) What’s Your Motivation:

Ask yourself, ‘why’ is this goal important to you and write that answer down. With your answer, ask the same questions again. Write your answer down. Do this one more time! This will really help you hone into your true ‘why’.


Goal is to lose weight.

Q: Why is this important to you?

A: To get healthier

Q: Why is getting healthier important to you?

A: So I have more energy and feel better about myself

Q: Why is having more energy and feeling better about yourself important to you?

A: I have more confidence in myself (be my authentic self) and the energy to live the way I want to live. I want to hike, run & play with nieces/nephews/grandkids, etc

2) Check Your Mentality:

If you start off great and then you have a bad day . . . aka . . . fall off the wagon of your goals/resolution, this leads to a slippery slope for you and you can’t seem to get back on track. Your self doubt and negative self talk shows up and you start to believe it’s ugly voice. You fall back to old thinking of, you can’t do it. Some ways to get back is by staying positive, writing your goals down on paper and look at them everyday. Having a Vision Board to look at each day. Most people are ‘visual’ so looking at a vision board and your goal is huge! There’s a saying, “what your mind believes . . . it will achieve”. Another idea is to listen to Podcasts on your way to and from work keeps you motivated.

3) Feeling Overwhelmed?

Your new resolution starts overwhelming you when life, work, kids, all come into your daily routine and you just want to give up. You don’t know what to do or how to ‘do it all’. It’s been proven, most people who have a coach to help you get balance, come up with a doable plan will lead you to success.

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