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We're Joining the DULUZE Weight Loss Challenge!

I’ve got some really exciting news for you this week! Ideally You Weight Loss Center is sponsoring the Duluze weight loss challenge! This is a community wide incentive to lose weight and commit to a healthier way of life. The challenge begins January 17th at their weigh-in event at Clyde Iron, and ends at the final weigh-out on April 18th. You can register at the weigh-in or online at Head there to check out all the rules, team categories, and the amazing prizes!

In partnership with the Duluze challenge, Ideally You is offering some great deals to any contestants who use the Ideal Protein Protocol to reach their weight loss goals.

The Duluze Weight Loss Challenge through Ideally You includes a starter kit for only $199 - In the kit you will get weekly one-on-one meetings with a Certified Health Coach, a customized lifestyle guidance app with support tools, and education on nutrition to help sustain a healthier body weight.

In addition to the prizes available in the city wide challenge, participants at Ideally You can win weekly prizes ($30 value), a mid challenge prize ($90 value), and a cash prize of at least $250 for the winner! The final cash prize increases with the number of participants, so the more people who join Ideally You for the challenge, the bigger the prize gets. Make sure you invite your friends!

If you’re thinking of joining the challenge, you can give yourself a leg up on the competition, and receive even more winnings by joining Ideally You. Take full advantage of the resources our weight loss center can provide to help you lose weight successfully!

Each participant in the weight loss challenge through Ideally You must follow the Ideal Protein Protocol and weigh in each week with a weekly food purchase, and must complete all 13 weeks of the challenge.

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