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Happy New Year

Hello & Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Ideally You Health & Weight Loss Center Blog. I’d like to

introduce myself and tell you what you can expect. Let’s start with me . . .

I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, along with many more

titles. But who I am as a person is someone who is caring, giving and I

feel I’m here on this earth to help others. I’ve done just that my entire

career and it was clear to me, after lots of praying, that I needed to switch

venues to help others.

I have been through the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol and for the first

time in my 50 years of life (48 at the time!) that I actually learned how

food affects my body, both good and bad. I’ve tried so many diets & work

out plans and never had the success I have had with this, both short and

long term. It simply works!

So, ways I can help you in 2018. First, I’ll be featuring different ‘life’

articles, all will be ways to help you and your families. Some might be new

to you, but I encourage you to embrace each Blog post and the

opportunities it may bring you!

Second, if you have 5+ pounds to lose, this is where I can personally help!

I believe in educating and supporting each person that allows me to help

them on this journey. Because it IS a journey. It’s not just about losing

weight. Ask anyone of my dieters!! I teach way to incorporate healthy

recipes, looking at food labels, talking about ways to get through food

triggers and much more!

I look forward to hearing your comments about our new Blog!


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