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Easter Eats: 4 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Easter is quickly approaching and, like other holidays, typically includes get-togethers filled with family, fun and lots of food. to maintain the results of all your hard work during a season filled with everything from glazed ham to chocolate Easter treats, here are some simple tips and tricks to help you celebrate the holiday while sticking to your commitment to eating well:

Plan your day

The key to not overindulging during Easter—or any holiday—is to have a solid game plan in place before you start your day. Plan ahead to ensure you can keep up with meal journaling and that you have phase-appropriate healthy mealtime and snacking options on-hand. The key to decreasing your likelihood to indulge in unapproved foods is preparation.

Offer to bring a dish

If you are visiting family or friends for the holidays, offer to bring a dish everyone—including you!—can enjoy. A salad filled with vibrant and Ideal Protein phase-approved veggies (arugula, celery, cucumber, radishes, etc.) is a great way to ensure you have a healthy lunch or dinner option available, while also joining your loved ones in celebrating the holiday.

Concentrate on your food

With all the distractions the holidays bring, it can be easy to grow preoccupied and slide from ‘mindful’ to ‘mindless’ eating. Mindless eating means eating food simply because it is there—whether you are snacking while entertaining family, or dipping into those sweet treats left by the Easter Bunny. To avoid the lure of mindless eating, take some time to enjoy your meals. Slow down and enjoy each bite, think about what and how you are eating, and you will give your body time to trigger your brain and tell it you are satisfied.

Reach out to your coach

Sometimes, like the song says, we only get by with a little help from our friends. If you find yourself overwhelmed during a food-focused time like the holidays, reach out to your Coach for support and guidance. I will do my very best to be available for you and offer my support to you during this challenging time.

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