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Are you the next Tribute?

Ideally You is happy to bring you our version of The Hunger Games for an exciting 12 week weight loss challenge!

Volunteer to enter the Reaping (first weigh in) during the week of January 3-9 and get your preorder in for your 10% discount to get started.

You'll be paired up with another tribute from your district unless you want to bring a friend along on this journey with you!

A NEW client will get 50% off their starter kit!! PLUS . . . when your team mate is a new client, you get 2 extra pounds your first week!

You are now in District 13, which as we all know will soon be destroyed, so hurry now to get into district 12. From there, with each loss you encounter each week, you will advance to the next district. If both you and your partner tribute are the top 'losing' pair for that week, you will be awarded the honor and prize for the week as well, so you'll want to help each other out and stay the course to not let each other down!

The final Luxury district, #1 (last weigh ins), will happen March 28-April 3, with the Capitol winners announced April 7th! The winning team will get a Luxury Prize (determined by % of weight loss)

Note Saturday weigh in until noon!

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