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A secret about Keto diets

The keto diet & products are everywhere and they appear to be the newest diet craze that everyone is trying.

I’ll let you in on a secret, any diet is a ketogenic diet! Anytime you reduce calories or actually sleeping, your body produces ketones and your body is in a ketogenic state.

Let’s break down the different degrees of keto:

The first graph is our RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) aka our food pyramid. This has been proven that it’s way too high in carbs, resulting in most Americans are carrying extra weight (children included). This extra weight comes from the high intake of carbs & sugar.

The second graph if what we call DIY (do it yourself) keto diet with 1500 calories. In order to lose weight, you must reduce calories. This one is low carb, but very high fat (70%).

The third graph is the DIY keto diet with 1000 calories. This is still low carb, high fat, just reducing the calorie count.

Notice 2 major things with the DIY keto diet.

1) High fat:

a. Do you know the difference between good & bad fats?

b. Fat is high in calories (back in the 80’s when everything went ‘fat free’, the saying was, “fat makes you fat”. That’s still true today)

c. High fat has proven to lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irreversible heart disease, etc

2) Look at the difference in vitamins & minerals, way lower than the RDA. This will lead to a deficiency and the extremely low protein (which decreases significantly when lowering calories in the second & third graph) you can also become protein deficient. This can result in organ issues and you will definitely lose muscle mass.

The fourth graph is a nutritional keto diet. It's protocol that a doctor created over 30 years ago, using low carb, the right amount of the healthy fats, along with adequate lean protein and the RDA vitamins & minerals.

This keto diet is the one that uses your stored fat as its first energy source & is muscle sparing. This is extremely important once you reach your weight loss goal. Think of your muscles as the engine that burns calories. If you lost ½ your muscle mass and start to eat a normal calorie diet (increased calories) you don’t have the muscle mass to burn those extra calories. This is why you gain the weight back as fat and quickly.

Why is it, we are always looking for the next/newest ‘diet’ to try because someone had success with it. I found myself doing the same thing for years. “Well, the last one wasn’t successful, so I’ll try this one.” When in reality, I just had to learn why they didn’t work.

Learn how to lose the weight in a healthy way. Be educated how food affects your body. Understand how your body works.

We are helping more people get healthier!

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