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96.2 lbs GONE!

"I could never find the right words to express my gratitude to my coach Cindi at Ideally You , for EVERYTHING that she has done for me! 

She has educated me, she has encouraged me and supported me every single step of the way! She has helped me celebrate my successes and taught me to accept my "not so perfect" choices with grace!

In 1 year I have not only lost 96.2 pounds and 59 inches, but my BMI dropped from being a morbidly obese 42, to a “NORMAL HEALTHY” 24.6!!  At 55 yrs old, I have gained self esteem that I had lost along the way and I have learned so much about myself along this journey-mentally, physically and emotionally and have realized that I am indeed worth it!

Cindi, thank you so much for being the guardian angel that I needed and helping me prove to myself without a doubt…that I CAN DO HARD THINGS!"

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